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#PROCJAM PuzzleScript + Tracery Integrating the Editor

Tue 5th November 2019

For the third year running I’m going to be continuing this #PROCJAM project! This time I’ve taken a couple of days off of work to further participate in the jam, so let’s see if I can avoid the distractions of being at home all day šŸ˜‰

Looking back at last year’s blog posts, I left myself the note to work on integrating my Tracery-based generator into (a fork of) the PuzzleScript editor. While I do want to do some more thinking about how to generate rules and levels that interact nicely, I think putting my code into the PuzzleScript editor would be a nice starting point for this year. So here goes…!


Day 1’s work was a simple integration of the code I had last year with the PuzzleScript editor. Pretty straightforward, but a more direct way of demoing what I’ve been working on! Each click of GENERATE will fill the editor window with a complete and compilable PuzzleScript šŸ˜€

Integrated code of PuzzleScript + Tracery are sitting in my fork of the PuzzleScript code base:

My next 2 tasks will be to work on the rule/level generation problem (potentially looking at some sort of validator for whether the rules and level work together), and fleshing out the content so some more interesting combinations of things get generated! Stay tuned šŸ˜Ž

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