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New Year’s Day 2019 parkrun double finder

Fri 9th November 2018

Welcome back to Year 6 of the New Year’s Day parkrun Double Finder list 🙂 Thanks to everyone that has supported, fed back and shared the Double Finder link! Please keep doing that, and spread the parkrun NYD double-love.

This year I just re-ran last year’s technology, which is why this is probably the earliest that double finder has been online! I rewrote the code that gathers information about which parkruns have a NYD event and what time it is at, partly because parkrun changed the format of that page, but also because the technology I used last year was overkill.

There is a new feature this year: sorting the list by distance from you. You can either type in the name of a town or leave the box empty to search by your current location. I also have the infrastructure to calculate which doubles are possible travelling by bicycle and public transit, but I need to figure out how to best present this information; watch this space!

The other news is that I now have a Twitter account for the Double Finder. Please follow it and share it with your parkrun friends! @nyddoublefinder

Click for parkrun double finder NYD 2019

As always, a reminder: This is not updated live, so event cancellations in the few days leading up to NYD might not be accounted for. Please check the social media (Twitter and Facebook) and website of the parkruns you intend to double at before setting out. I’d hate for you to be disappointed and miss a double! The good news is that if one of your intended events is cancelled, you have this great resource for finding an alternative 😀

Also, please double check the directions and driving/running/cycling/public transport travel time, and factor in time to get to and from your car. Make sure there is buffer time to allow for traffic and taking wrong turns. Make sure it is possible to travel safely! Please drive sensibly in bad weather conditions!

I hope you enjoy your New Year’s parkrun double. I am hoping to get a double in somewhere in the UK, and depending on how the next few weeks go, it may even be my 250th parkrun 😀 Have fun out there!

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  1. Jamie Wilson permalink

    If I leave some feedback here re: the NYD double finder will you see it?

  2. mark thornton permalink

    Great work Rikki – very impressive!

    But there might be a Double missing (or I might be confused, not unusual!):
    In Leeds:
    Woodhouse Moor 09:00
    Armley, about 2 miles away, 10:00

  3. It doesnt seem to find Lydiard [formerly Swindon] as a potential double for Witney and a couple of others nearby? (or at the very least rule them out).

  4. Maja permalink

    River Rhine Double is on, whoop whoop! Speyer Leinpfad parkrun and Neckarau parkrun, starting at 8:30 and 10:30, just 15 km away one from the other, yeah!

  5. Sarah Roberts permalink

    Hi There 🙂

    Any chance you could run an update for the 2020 NYD double finder? There’s been a flurry of runs declaring in the last week and they aren’t showing 🙂

    Thank You (great tool!).

  6. Sergey Aleshin permalink

    Hi! Thanks for parkrun New Years Day 2020 double finder.
    Found that page completely wrong. You used the wrong column from Christmas Compendium data table. Third column with the name “Новый год” it is actually New Year (January 1). And the last column “Рождество” it is Orthodox Christmas (January 7).
    You used the last column (Orthodox Christmas) instead of New Year column.

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