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New beginnings!

Wed 8th November 2017

I’m going to kickstart this blog. Famous last words, eh? It has somewhat fallen by the wayside during the write up of my PhD (at least publicly, I blogged my progress in private posts to help keep me on track quite a lot in the last year or two), which is a shame because some interesting things have happened and would make for quite good blog posts: I finished my PhD, I ran my first marathon and I emigrated to Canada. Each of these will be topics of blog posts over the coming months.

At the moment I have a little bit of time. I left my job at the University of Southampton, because the commute from Calgary would have been a bit challenging, so now that I have landed and settled I am spending my days applying for software development and computer science teaching roles, and in between working on projects (such as #procjam,, parkrun New Year’s double finder and more!) and writing blog posts.

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  1. mydinneradventures permalink

    I assumed you had left for a job opportunity! Scary stuff if not! Looking forward to hearing how it all progresses rikki

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