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New Year’s Day 2016 parkrun double finder

Mon 14th December 2015

I’m rather excited that I’ve had a few requests for this year’s double finder already 🙂 I’ve been super busy at work which is why I haven’t run it yet, but now I have and here’s the current list of doubles you might be able to do on 1st January 2016!

Click for parkrun double finder NYD 2016

Please check that the double you wish to do is actually possible, before setting out:

  • Check the Christmas Compendium to ensure the times are what you think they are, and that the event is on (the organisers may make changes after I’ve published this).
  • Check both events’ Facebook pages and Twitter feed in case they’ve had to cancel or change plans due to weather or other circumstances.
  • Check directions and driving/cycling/running/public transport times to ensure it is actually feasible (the double finder is fairly permissive, so it may pick up some doubles that are only possible if you run a 5km World Record).

If you have any feedback, such as really liking it, or that there is a mistake of some sort, then please let me know either in the comments below or on my Twitter.

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  1. Andrew permalink

    Just what I was looking for! Unfortunately the directions don’t seem to be working. Any plans to do something similar for the other countries on ?

    • Hi Andrew! I’ve fixed the directions (hopefully), but I’m afraid I won’t have time to extend it and test it on other countries’ Christmas Compendiums for this year. However, I was not aware that there was a Christmas Compendium for other countries, so I’ll do my best to get it working for all of those countries next year!

  2. Lyn Evans permalink

    A couple of bits of info on Barry Island parkrun – as 2016 will be our first ever NYD run.

    It’s just under 12 miles drive from Cardiff parkrun to Barry Island parkrun (it’s listed under ‘Cardiff’ at 7.9 miles). The 35 mins driving time seems correct.

    It’s about 55 miles from Ashton Court parkrun to Barry Island parkrun (it’s listed under ‘Ashton Court as 27.46 miles). The 76 mins driving time seems about right for NYD morning – so it would be unrealsitic to try and do both.

    I hope this is useful – thanks for pulling this all together – it’s really useful.

    Lyn Evans (Co-Event Director, Barry Island parkrun)

  3. Great stuff again, Rikki. Though I wonder why it didn’t pick up Barnsley-Long Eaton, which I speculated might be the furthest apart double pair. Google tells me it’s 62 minutes between the two (the same as Barnsley-Oldham) – was there some pre-filtering on driving distance?

  4. Ah, should have read more carefully – it does say it only checks up to 30 miles. 🙂

    • 😀 I hope to make a more elaborate version next year, which will hopefully compensate for this restriction. If you fancy reminding me during the summer, that would be good!

      • oharab permalink

        Consider yourself reminded, rikkiprince!

  5. steve permalink

    Any chance of doing one for 2017 Rikki? The doubles are starting to be announced THANKS!

  6. Helen Edwards permalink

    Why does Avon appear in the S’s in your alphabet? Loving the 2017 finder, and keeping fingres corssed for something nearer than Marple or Oldham to appear with Stretford between now and NY’s D.

    • Thanks Helen. I believe it’s because by shortname (the bit in the URL after Avon is actually ‘stratforduponavon’ and my code was sorting by that name! :-/

  7. Mark permalink

    Superb collection of info. Thanks so much.

  8. Nicola wright permalink

    I think Shrewsbury and Telford are a possible parkrun double on NYD

  9. Ris permalink

    Hi, you’re missing the 2018 Bristol Double Header: 9:00am at Ashton Court and 10:30am at Pomphrey Hill.

  10. New Farm have cancelled their New Year’s Day Run

  11. Chris Fraser permalink

    Good job. Shellharbour has changed its start time to 7:30 to open up the Bowral possibility to slower runners

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