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Southampton Magic Mile 2013 – 5m33s

Tue 3rd September 2013

This is a review I posted over at the Marathon Talk Southampton event page about my run at the Southampton Magic Mile (kindly organised by James Saunders). As I don’t really reflect on my running enough on my blog, I thought I’d post it here for a bit more visibility.

I train at Southampton track most weeks, so was not daunted by that, but on my way there it did occur to me that we mostly do intervals of 300, 400 or 500 (and less often 700 and 800); could I psychologically push through keeping a high pace after 400m when I’d normally have the opportunity to stop and recover?

I started at my target pace: 5m20s for the mile, which would have me crossing a 100m marker every 20 seconds. The first 109m was in about 19 seconds, so was a little fast, but from then on I held a fairly consistent pace for the first half.

The 3rd lap slipped by about 4 seconds, as I was beginning to tire. I tried to hold on and push a bit more in the final lap. I guess the warning signs were there when I was passed on the back straight by John, Neil and David. Again, I tried to lift the pace for the final 100m, and while it felt a bit faster, it certainly wasn’t the stark increase in speed I’ve managed at the end of some longer distance races.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been lacking that final bit of speed recently. This could mean I’m pacing the rest of the run spot on, and just don’t have any energy at the end, or perhaps I have some fear of running faster when I’m that tired? I think I need to work on this, whether it’s running a hard parkrun and forcing myself to sprint at the end, or whether it’s doing some hard 800m intervals with a faster 100m at the end, I’m not really sure?

So my final time was 5m33s. 13 seconds behind my target, and 3 seconds behind my PB. I mostly set a fast target to push myself just under my PB, but in hindsight it seems I over-egged it in the first 809m. Tactically, I might try to hold back a little next time and go for a fast finish, but this is definitely a hint that I need to work on my shorter distance speed, cementing in my mind that I’ll do some work with the sprinters this winter.

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