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Abre los ojos vs Vanilla Sky

Sun 12th May 2013

This weekend I finally watched Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes). It’s probably a decade since I first rented  Vanilla Sky on DVD, and watched it 4 times in a weekend: the first viewing, the second viewing knowing the outcome, a director’s commentary viewing and a fourth viewing with the commentary in mind. I could say I quite enjoyed Vanilla Sky 🙂

I soon found out that Vanilla Sky was based on a Spanish film called Abre los ojos (and not a book like many films I like), and intended to watch it at some point. Having failed to do this in 10 years, I finally put it on my LOVEFiLM rental list and it arrived this week.

What surprised me most about Abre los ojos is that it wasn’t very much different from Vanilla Sky. It appears that Vanilla Sky, rather than being inspired by, a tribute to, or a reboot of Abre los ojos, was an almost scene-for-scene remake in English.

If I am honest, I think I preferred Vanilla Sky over Abre los ojos. The story, pacing and outcome is basically identical, but Vanilla Sky‘s has a bit more polish. The casting and acting is a little better, the location is a bit more striking, and the cinematography far more beautiful. Most noticeably, the soundtrack in Abre los ojos is forgettable, whereas Vanilla Sky‘s music is brilliant.

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