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How to get Minecraft Classic to load and save

Fri 28th December 2012


If you have tried to load any of your Minecraft Classic saves in the past few months, you will have noticed that it doesn’t work anymore. It has been noticed by a number of people in the “Saving Problem” thread on I have found a solution to this problem, and below are instructions for you to replicate the solution for yourself. I have also blogged about my route to a solution, if you’re interested in the approach and technology.

I am iteratively trying to make this process simpler. I have ideas for a couple of ways to make this easier, but each one will take a bit longer to implement. If this is uncomfortably complicated, subscribe to my blog, my Twitter feed, or just check back frequently for more updates.

Hopefully the instructions below are clear enough for you to have a go; if they are not, ask questions in the comments and I will clarify.

The Solution

The reason Minecraft Classic doesn’t load your saved maps is because the code tries to access a URL that doesn’t exist anymore (, and this error stops it from loading the file you provide.

The solution to this is to intercept the request for this URL and respond with the correct information. The way to do this is to redirect all web traffic through a proxy server which is configured to do this.

Step 1: Hosting your own proxy server

This sounds a bit scary doesn’t it? Really it involves installing one piece of open source software, importing a file I have created and changing your proxy settings to point at it.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox:
  2. Download and save Tiny Core Minecraft Proxy- v0.1.ova. Remember the location.
  3. Import into VirtualBox:
    1. Open VirtualBox.
    2. File > Import Appliance…
    3. Open appliance…
    4. Navigate to location of Tiny Core Minecraft Proxy- v0.1.ova.
    5. Continue
    6. ImportVB-import
  4. Run the proxy server:
    1. Highlight Tiny Core Minecraft Proxy in the left hand list.
    2. Click Start.VB-start
  5. Write down the IP address of the proxy:
    1. A window will open and display some text and the prompt boot: Press the Enter key on the keyboard.
    2. When it has booted and loaded, you will receive a Linux-style command line prompt. At it, type:
      ifconfig | grep 'inet addr'
    3. This should give you three lines something like:
      inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
      inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
      inet addr: Mask:
    4. Now it depends on your home network configuration, but the middle one is likely to be the one you need, and is likely to start 192.168……TC-ifconfig
  6. Leave the VirtualBox window running, though you may minimise it.

Step 2: Pointing Minecraft at your proxy

Now you have a proxy running on your machine, that is setup to intercept Minecraft’s request for a non-existent URL and respond appropriately. You just have to tell Minecraft Classic to listen to it 🙂

To do this involves changing your proxy settings for Java. How you do this depends on which operating system and which browser you are using, as Java applets like Minecraft Classic tend to derive their proxy settings from the browser they run in. I am trying to figure out how to run Minecraft Classic from a script, so it can temporarily alter your proxy settings.

If there are existing values in the proxy settings, please make a note of them down before you change them.

Use the IP address from above ( in the example above, probably different for you), and the port 3128 as your proxy settings. You do not need a username or password.

Step 3: Run Minecraft Classic

Now when you go to the Save or Load menus, it should function enough for you to save to or load from disk. The 5 slots for network saves do not work, as Mojang’s server isn’t there anymore, but a level file that is physically on your disk will save and load.

Step 4: Tidying up

After you have finished playing Minecraft, you should return your proxy settings to normal, using the inverse of the steps you followed in Step 2. Then you can close all of the VirtualBox windows. The one with the proxy running will ask you whether you wish to:VB-poweroff

  • Save the machine state
  • Send the shutdown signal
  • Power off the machine

It is quickest and easiest to choose the third option Power off the machine.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully that was achievable. If not, please comment below and I will update these instructions until they are clearer. Also, if anything doesn’t work because the proxy server is running on your machine instead of mine, please comment and I will endeavour to debug it.

I hope to replace this VirtualBox-based proxy with a standalone very small application soon. Once I do, I will replace this to reflect the simpler approach. I am also trying to get the Minecraft Classic applet to run on its own, so I can launch it from a script with the correct proxy settings, meaning you will not have to manually change them. With both of these in place, it will be a one-click solution to run Minecraft Classic with the proxy server 🙂 Wish me luck!

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