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O2 billing after fraud

Wed 19th December 2012

I haven’t yet managed to consider my options regarding leaving O2 (that’s one for the Christmas break), so I have a bill to pay in December. However, it appears that they have messed up my tariff. I am being charged double my normal tariff, as they appear to have charged me for the fraudulent tariff, then tried to correct it with a discount, done the maths wrong, added on a bit, then charged me the whole of my normal tariff anyway! Just refund all of the fraudulent tariff and charge me all of my normal tariff!

This is the transcript of the text chat (numbers modified) with Muzammil to try to resolve this:

Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon.

You’re through to ‘O2 : Muzammil’

Muzammil: Hi I’m O2 : Muzammil. How can I help?

Rikki: Hi Muzammil, my current bill is incorrect. I believe I have been charged my tariff twice.

Muzammil: Let me quickly check this for you.

Rikki: thank you

Muzammil: Thanks for waiting.

Rikki: that’s ok

Muzammil: I’ve checked we’ve charge you tariff amount is advance for first bill after your upgrade.

Muzammil: As I’ve checked this is your first bill and it’s on a pro-rata basis and you’ve been charged a advance rental which will be reversed whenever you change your tariff or end your contract. This is charge which every customers pays and this is a rule by telecom industry.

Rikki: but I did not upgrade

Rikki: My account was fraudulently accessed. This was detected and I was told everything would be switched back to normal.

Muzammil: Yes you’re right so in next bill you’ll get the credit of this advance tariff amount.

Rikki: Hmmm. Are you certain? What are you basing this?

Muzammil: As you’ve cancelled the upgrade order as it was fraudulent.

Muzammil: So whenever you cancel the upgrade order we credit you the tariff amount which we charge you in advance.

Rikki: But that won’t happen until the next bill?

Muzammil: You’ll get the credit now you can make the payment of this amount.

Rikki: Where do I see that? I do not know where credit goes on “My O2”.

Muzammil: It’ll show you in your bill. under others and credits credit.

Rikki: In this month’s bill or next month’s bill?

Muzammil: You’ll get it in next month bill.

Rikki: Basically, I don’t understand why I have to pay £30 this month, when my bill should be £15.

Rikki: This isn’t fair.

Muzammil: I do understand but I can assure you that in your next bill you’ll get the credit as you’ve cancelled the order.

Rikki: It appears that you cannot resolve this, so I think I will call the fraud resolution team.

Rikki: Bye

It appears that O2 are happy to take double my tariff this month, with the vague promise of refunding it next month.

I’m going to call the fraud resolution team that I spoke to a few weeks ago to see if they have the power to fix this. I will update with their response.

Just noticed…

…that My O2 thinks my contract is for 12 months, expiring in November 2014. How does that work? More to sort out on the phone, I guess.

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