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goFIT: What counts?

Tue 30th October 2012

I’m a bit confused by this whole goFIT thing. There’s now a leaderboard, but it has exposed that some teams are doing 2.5 hours a day of movement, on average!

What exactly are they counting? Unless all the top teams are triathletes training for an ironman, I don’t know what is going on. In fact, I’d hope they’re having some rest days, in which case they must be doing upwards of 3 hours a day!

I am currently averaging 15 minutes a day, as I’ve been away for a couple of weekends, which has seriously reduced my running sessions. However, if I were to chuck in walking to and from work, walking up the stairs, walking to the shops, walking to the toilet, walking to get a drink of water etc etc. my “movement minutes” would be getting close to 2 hours a day, if not more.

Now I sound entirely bitter, but my main concern is that this process has been ruthlessley gamified, without consideration of the awareness that “players” have been given of each other’s activities, and as such it feels like some people are cheating. It’s a bit like those people who exploit online multiplayer games and have insane scores at the top of the leaderboard: it’s frustrating because you have no way of seeing what they have done to get there, so you just assume they cheated.


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