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goFIT: blogging

Wed 24th October 2012

I am participating in this pilot study called goF’IT being run by various groups across the University of Southampton (“Sport and Wellbeing”, SUSU, Faculty of Medicine, and I believe ECS?), which is encouraging people to do more movement for the benefit of their health.

The website lets you join a team of 5-8 friends and you tot up “movement minutes” to try and meet an individual and team total  which increases each week over 4 weeks. As part of the social motivation behind this is a blogging system to let people explain their activities and share ideas. I’m posting on there occasionally.

Unfortunately it’s a custom blogging engine (which is often the case with webapps like this, as it’s pretty simple to chuck one together), so I’m having to copy and paste my posts over to WordPress, so they I have a canonical copy of my blog posts. It would be nice if it allowed you to aggregate from an existing RSS feed, but alas, no-one thinks like that…

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