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Olympic ticket queue

Tue 7th August 2012

Now that @2012TicketAlert has been allowed back on the air, the Olympic ticket site seems to be struggling a bit under the strain.

The length of the wait to “search for the tickets you have requested” and “if they are still available” reserve them, is now so long that it reminds me of a telephone call centre queuing system.

There is only one explanation for this: Seb Coe and his tea lady, Betty, are checking whether the tickets are available manually and the time it says it will take to search indicates your place in the queue.

While you see this…

“Your call is very important to us”

…this is what is happening:

  1. Seb gets an e-mail on his Blackberry, every time someone requests some tickets.
  2. Seb shouts out the order to Betty, for example: “two tickets for oh-eight or gust twenty-twelve wed nes day fourteen-hundred dash eighteen hundred, basketball, north green witch arena, category bee”
  3. Betty runs into the stock room, which measures six foot by 4 foot and is piled high with tickets.
  4. Luckily they are somewhat in order, athletics on the left, volleyball on the right, but in all the rush some have been put in the wrong place.
  5. This repeats several times, until they eventually get to your ticket request in Seb’s inbox.
  6. Betty, tired from all the running about and shouting (getting the tickets, not the athletics), accidentally side swipes one of the stacks and is quickly buried under the avalanche of TfL travelcards.

“Betty’s just collapsed through exhaustion”

And now it all makes sense. Until the @2012TicketAlert blocking scandal, I didn’t realise the Olympic ticket website was “powered” by ticketmaster.


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