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Using Poisson (not Bayes) to prove e-mail notifications are better than obsessively checking

Mon 6th August 2012

Because I just spent an hour looking for this by web searching on Google and Bing, and Twitter searching on snapbird, I thought I should reblog it so it’s somewhere I can find next time!

PS. I eventually found it by Ctrl+F-ing through my Twitter favourites: much quicker than snapbird.

Cheap Talk

Email is the superior form of communication as I have argued a few times before, but it can sure aggravate your self-control problems. I am here to help you with that.

As you sit in your office working, reading, etc., the random email arrival process is ticking along inside your computer. As time passes it becomes more and more likely that there is email waiting for you and if you can’t resist the temptation you are going to waste a lot of time checking to see what’s in your inbox.  And it’s not just the time spent checking because once you set down your book and start checking you won’t be able to stop yourself from browsing the web a little, checking twitter, auto-googling, maybe even sending out an email which will eventually be replied to thereby sealing your fate for the next round of checking.

One thing you…

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