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The start of the road to a sub-20m 5km time

Sun 5th August 2012

My current 5km PB is 21m22s. I’m aiming for a sub-20m eventually. Not sure I can do it in 3 weeks like this, but I’ve got a 3 week period where I can concentrate on some training, and it’ll be interesting to see what improvement I can make!


I was recently reading this thread on runner’s world <click here if you want to read it, it’s quite interesting>. Basically a young fit guy just ran his first 5k in about 21:30 and has bet his mate he can do sub 20 in 3 weeks. He is not a runner however. But he claims to be very fit and he is prepared to do anything in 3 weeks to get there. Of course we all know that you can’t really get much exercise benefit in 3 weeks…or can you?

Can he do it?

Turns out he didn’t (sorry to spoil the read). But he was mightily close. In fact a slower start and a pair of race/track shoes would have probably made the difference (if he wasn’t already wearing them). The point is that IT WAS POSSIBLE. Difficult, admittedly, but CERTAINLY possible.

I found it quite interesting how…

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  1. Yeah it’s possible in 5K

  2. My holiday training did not go to plan, and I don’t have the chance to do a timed 5km for a few weeks. Maybe now is the time to do that training! The challenge begins again!

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