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Just a reminder…

Mon 23rd April 2012

People here have a habit of sending e-mails that begin with “this is just a reminder that…”, in relation to an event. Invariably, it will be for an event I have never heard of!

I can’t quite work out whether the original e-mails are disappearing into a magic bin somewhere, or whether the senders are just lying about having sent a previous e-mail. I suspect it’s because senders have no idea what mailing lists they are sending to, and send it to a completely different set the second time!

Similarly, I get a lot of e-mails that are telling me about an event right now. That’s no use, is it? If the event is happening now, or this afternoon, or probably even tomorrow, I am likely to have organised something else to do!

Basically this is a request to anyone organising events to be better. Send your adverts out about a week in advance. Then remind people a day or so before. And keep your distribution list consistent!

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